We think Granada is one of the world’s most  beguiling cities; which is why we have chosen to live here.

There is a famous quote about the city, said to a woman passing a beggar in one of the streets overlooked by the Alhambra palace.

“Dale limosna, mujer, que no hay en la vida nada como la pena de ser ciego en Granada.”

“Give him an offering, my lady, for there is not greater tragedy than that of the blind man in Granada.” 

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Granada is one of Spain’s greatest cities. As well as being of enormous cultural and historical interest, there is a thriving nightlife and some wonderful tapas bars. In fact, the tradition of giving a free tapas with each drink is still alive here!

Besides being a great and affordable place to eat out, Granada is also famous for its rich and varied culture, fitting for a city which still retains a strong impression of its Islamic, Jewish, and Christian heritage. If you have more contemporary tastes, it is also a modern city with a significant student population.

Granada is also home to one of Spain’s most prestigious and oldest universities. Founded in 1531 by Carlos V, the university is one of the most popular destinations for Erasmus students, adding to the cosmopolitan ambience of the city

Another wonderful surprise awaiting visitors to Granada is its unique location, nestled between the Sierra Nevada – the highest mountain range in mainland Spain – and the coast. In just one day, you can spend the morning skiing and relax on the beach in the afternoon.

If you like the outdoor life, you can explore the hills circling the city – there´s nothing better to soothe the spirit than a walk in the countryside followed by a cold beer and slice of delicious jamon in a village bar.

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Useful Information about Granada

Here is the official tourism website for Granada

Here is a list of the Top 30 things to do in Granada from Trip Advisor

We hope you Love Granada too!

A short guide to some of the best things to see and do in Granada.

Top Blogs About Granada

This is a great blog by a British lady who has been living here for years. It’s jam-packed with tips for getting off the tourist trail and following the locals.

Another blog by a Brit. The writer also teaches English as a Foreign Language in Granada.

For Americans studying here, this is a useful read.

And here is something for Erasmus students.

Lots of info here at Visit Granada

Great Books About Granada

A number of books (novels and non-fiction) deal with this magical city.

Here is a list of 10 of the best.

One of my former trainees on the TEFL course – an artist and writer – wrote a quirky but entertaining blend of autobiographical musings and surreal short stories about life in Granada. Well worth a read.

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