The market for English teachers in Spain

The English language teaching market is healthy in Andalusia and all over Spain. There are a number of reasons for this demand.

• Spanish students need a B1 level in English in order to study at Spanish universities

• Andalusia has one of the highest unemployment rates in Spain. This has resulted in a large number of adults considering emigrating to English speaking countries or countries where the local population have a high level of English

• Spanish children study English from a young age and parents are increasingly enrolling their children in after-school English courses

• The number of Bilingual schools is increasing every year

• International companies with offices in Spain generally require staff to have a high level of English

• Language Assistant programmes regularly seek native-speaker teachers of English. Although a teaching qualification is not a requirement, many participants supplement their income through teaching in academies where an initial teaching qualification is generally required

Because of this huge demand for English classes, there is also a huge demand for ENGLISH TEACHERS.

Which is great news for fluent English speakers with a TEFL qualification.

Although you can find work in the public sector, most English language teachers from outside Spain work in the private sector.

All over Spain – from big cities to small towns – you can find academies offering English language classes.

English is taught at school and universities but there is a feeling in Spain that this is not enough.

Therefore, Spanish adults and children study English after school or after work.

That is why you will find most of your classes take place in the evening – sometimes until 10pm.

To teach English at a private academy, you need to be a fluent English speaker with a TEFL certificate.

Just imagine. In a few short weeks, you could be living in Spain doing a fun job that provides you with a comfortable income.

Our TEFL course is intensive but rewarding. By the end of it, you will be ready to find work in Spain – or anywhere else in the world with a thirst for English.

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